When do you meet?

We Meet on the second Thursday of every Month at  7:P.M.

Where do you meet?

At Ports St. Lucie Botanical Gardens, 2410 Westmoreland Blvd., Port St. Lucie, FL 34952

Where do you fish?

We fish in the Indian River and St. Lucie River. We go Surf fishing at various beaches in St Lucie County and Martin County, Lake Okechobee, Blue Cyprus Lake, Lake Kissimee, and various other lakes in the area. We also go deep sea fishing on various charter boats, e.g. the “Lady Stuart”, the “Fort Pierce Lady” and other head/charter  boats in the area.

How much are the yearly Dues?

Dues are $30.00 dollars per year.  If you join after February, the dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis.  The membership is a family membership. No additional dues are required for spouses or children.

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