To be eligible an entry must be caught using rod and reel in Florida waters. The fish may be caught in the surf, by wading, from jetties, bridges, or from charter, party or private boats. Fish caught by net, spearing, gaffing etc. are not eligible. For clarification, a fish caught while fishing under a Bahamian sport fishing permit or on a Bahamian charter is not considered eligible.

The winner will be chosen by a vote of the members present at that month’s meeting. There will a a saltwater and a freshwater category. Individual members will be allowed one vote in each category.

Prior to entering any fish, the entrant must be a member in good standing with current dues paid, or a member of his/her family as defined in our Club Bylaws

Adherence to the rules of entering and reporting catches will be on the Honor System. All entries must specify species, date and time caught, and measured length from nose to closed tail. Actual or estimated weight will be considered, if available. Photos are recommended but not required, however photos will be used to break a tie. For purposes of this contest, all fish are considered eligible regardless of Federal, State, or local game laws. Entries out of season, or exceeding slot limits must be returned to the water.

In addition to the Fish of the month contest, there will be an annual contest for Fish of the Year. To accommodate our Club’s schedule the periodicity of the Fish of the Year Contest will be from December 1 to November30 of the following year. There will be a Salt Water and a Fresh Water category with the Fish of the Year in each category selected from the Fish of the month winners by the Club’s Board of Directors.

The Club’s Fishing chairman will oversee and direct the sport fishing contests and awards. He/she will hear any grievance and his/her decision will be final.

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