Annual Nautical Flea Market

was held on

Saturday, January 13, 2018

 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM


Port Saint Lucie Botanical Gardens

2410 SE Westmoreland Blvd.

   Parking Crew at the Gate to Gardens

Mr. Pres. Dave Brigida and Vince Katilius Kibitzing

Setting up

Lots of Shirts

” Billy Bones “ Booth

 Marine Hardware, used and new


 “Cool Gear For Fishing” by Member Bob Dunlop

Member’s Boats for Sale

This one Sold


Flags, Flags, Flags

 Marine Knick-Knacks and Jewelry

Lots of Rod and Reels

Joey with his better half and good food

Shirts, Shorts and Hoodies

  Good Deals on Glasses

Last Time Curtis wore the Tutu

A happy buyer

Just Resting a Little

A Late Lunch and a Little Heartburn

I wish I had a Beer

Still resting

Packing Up

 That’s a  “TOO-TOO  TUTU”  and the end.

 See You Next Year on January 12, 2019

For Info call:  Frank Gamber

443-992-8428 (cell) or 772-237-2238

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